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'As unruly a bunch of misfits ever I've seen...'

Formed in 2005, Upside Down Miss Jane has been joyously offending audiences in the most uplifting ways ever since. While few foundation members remain, their legacy persists in the group's ethos of irreverently and fearlessly shining a light on world affairs, unfettered by the cloying strictures of political correctness.


From Melbourne to Sydney, Armidale to Newcastle and all the great rock-rooms beyond and between, Upside Down Miss Jane will test, titillate and entertain you to your very essence.


Let's Rock, Motherf...ckers!


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Don Macleod on stage

Don Macleod

A Golden God?

Don is the gale that tatters the frayed sails of the Miss Jane galleon; an evangelical punk-rock preacher and gilded calf to-boot. Come, dare lash thyself to his mast for a voyage most mythical...

Justin Harry Holt on stage

Justin 'Harry' Holt

Lead guitar

No-one shreds like Harry and he just will not wear pants! He is the ventricles to Don's atriums, half the beating creative heart of Upside Down Miss Jane, crafting many of the band's finest tunes. Do not let his dulcet harmonies fool you however, for beneath dwells the Kraken!

Jason Zammit on drums

Jason Zammit


Jason is the pulse in the loins and the thrusted pelvis of Upside Down Miss Jane. And yet, or perhaps thus, his long-suffering partner fathoms not his involvement. If you know, you know and if you don't: Come! Catch the show!

Matt Reilly on stage

Matt Reilly

Rhythm guitar

Upside Down Miss Jane's most demure Hebridean, Matt melds his guitar so synergistically with Harry's instrument, none who behold the union can help but writhe in their kilts!

Jerry Hackett on stage



The newest addition to the Upside Down Miss Jane clan, Jerry's is the pelvis towards which Jason's thrusts in nailing down the method of the Miss Jane section called 'rhythm'. He says yes to just about anything...

Pinky Billon pole dancing

Miss Pink

Dance, merch, security, cheer, joy!

Invading the Upside Down Miss Jane stage over a decade ago, no Miss Jane show has since been complete without Miss Pink! Whether on the pole, on the floor, in the crowd or on the door, she rouses rabbles like no other.

Pinky, you had us all at 'Bonsoir'!

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